Date Night

There are no metaphors here.
This is my reality so I’ll tell it
as straight and clear as I can and
you need to listen, very carefully.
I enjoy the company, being a friend,
but when I say no, I mean NO!
If you can’t understand
with your ears maybe your shin,
groin, diaphragm or larynx will listen
to kicks, punches and piercing pain.
There are no limits to the ends
I will use to secure my sacredness.
I am High Priestess of my body
I say who comes in or is left out
of places reserved for the devout.
No I don’t really want it unless
I said yes and I don’t care what
you think except if it is respect.
I own my body, power and sex.
I am not letting leases or releasing
my rights to decide, so accept
what comes next…
Getting your kicks may be more
than you planned. The ecstasy might
take you to new places on a scale of
holding cells and intensive care.

Be kind, respectful and fair or beware.

From Meandering Mindfulness © 2009


Soft, ageless and as perfect as an angel’s skin,
gentle, careful and cautious as a newborn’s nurse,
smooth as melted chocolate, sweet as nearly hard cider,
quiet as the shore of a frozen lake.
I take on the character of the space
and then within the sanctuary of love
kneel reverently at the altar
of your memory.

From Sensual Spirit © 2007


My Goodness

(a fable)

In the beginning there was God; but there was no there here, all that was here was God. Then God raised her hand and said let there be nothing, and nothing surrounded her and filled the universe. God looked over her work and said, “My goodness.”

Because now there was more than one thing and to prevent all things from colliding and happening at once, she created space and time. Then she pricked her finger and light dripped from the wound. She waved her hand and flung specks of light that grew into stars, flying globs of stone and gas. In particular and peculiar places the mass of matter mixed with the light to form life and beings of every sort. God looked over her work and said, “My goodness.”

She saw that each speck had not detached, but instead remained connected by threads. The threads tangled and wove with each other into a sparkling web, and she said, “My goodness.”

Even today, if you look just right, you can see the specks, the threads and web, tracing them to their source. My goodness, what a sight it is.

From Saddling Dragons © 2010