With stories by: 

Crystalla * Julia Countryman * Rev. Faye Dunn

Tricia Field * Laura Figueroa * Ina Hillebrandt

Deanna Joseph * Chrystine Julian * Robyn McMillen

Wendy Neeley * Vanessa Hafiza Ragan * Debra J. Rigas

Melinda Rodriguez * Sheri Wells.

Edited by

Chrystine Julian and Deanna Joseph

In a time of insecurity many people are dealing with previously unknown levels of fear. This book is a collection of Wise Woman stories of welcoming fear into lives of power, love, hope, peace and joy.

In this book Wisdom Keepers have gathered around flames of fear to share their lessons, challenges and methods for overcoming, moving through and embracing fear. As it was in traditional cultures these are individuals sharing snapshots of their lives. Many of the stories are at once unsettling and uplifting. The editors and writers hope that you will find bits of wisdom, insights and encouragement within the tales that may be incorporated into your own life. Mostly we hope you will enjoy the time spent with us as we Gather Round the Fire.

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