When you ride dragons, you fly

When failure becomes impossible, everything has possibilities. This is a workshop about becoming your own hero. It is a safe environment for harnessing fears, exploring hopes and putting both of them to work for you. Led by Southern California writer and musician Chrystine Julian, it is a presentation filled with humor, excitement, wisdom, compassion and insights drawn from her somewhat tweaked view on the world. In creating this workshop Chrystine draws on her experiences as an author, mystic, workshop leader, business executive, spiritual healer, minister, and more to create a unique and rewarding experience.

Marsha 8/29/09 – Since attending Chrystine’s workshop I am feeling that I can indeed ride a dragon…so glad I don’t have to slay them because they do pop up so often in the woods of my life. I’d like to take the workshop again in the future.

Julie 8/29/09 – This was very useful in helping me develop the courage to do what I have to do.

Hannah 8/29/09 – This really helped me understand my fears


Song: Snake Dancer from the album Long Tongue Love