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I consider myself an artist only in the loosest definition of that term. For me, the art comes out of a place somewhere between doodles and meditation. I use various computer drawing applications with complex tools for manipulating images. I rarely have an outcome in mind when I begin. As I move through the process images may or may not emerge. The process and the outcome are about colors, patters, textures, depth and etc.

I am a coloring book fan. (I’ve also used my pencils to fill in things not intended for coloring.) A story I tell in my book Saddling Dragons centers on coloring and spiritual awareness. I’ll try to give you an abbreviated version here. I had connected with my inner child while coloring, reviewed abuse from my father and how it ended after my birth mother’s death and my stepmother coming into my life. I realized that my mother had not abandoned me, but that her passing was to protect me. As I thought that, my hand began moving up and down on its own; Mom was shaking my hand for figuring it out.

So it seemed natural for me to share these images in a format that other people might enjoy. I can’t guarantee any major spiritual breakthroughs or personal insights, but I hope my Coloring Book Meditations will provide hours of decompression and escape from the outside world.

Chrystine Julian

I have long been an admirer of Chrystine Julian’s work and her spirit. This new coloring book takes her own creativity and marries it with her spiritual side, sending the user on a journey of self-discovery, imagination and just plain relaxation in a unique and inspiring way. What a blessing Chrystine’s books confer on the rest of us.
Ina HillebrandtAuthor, Publisher, Memoirs Coach 

Just received the most awesome coloring book created by my bud Chrystine. This coloring book is for all us of who love to color and doodle because it helps us think and process as we play with color, line and contour. This coloring book is for you.
Jenn Vallely – Drummer, Teacher, Yoga Practitioner

Interesting and very unique! There’s a wide variety of choices to fit every mood, from simple and relaxing to intricate and intense. The art is much more complex than the usual mandalas in most adult coloring books. Highly recommended!
Charmaine Piscitello
Absolutely beautiful work… You can just sink into it
Annie Bland, New Zealand


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By the way, if you want to see some of the art that inspired the book, there is a slide show on YouTube

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