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The solvent of breath liquefies my mind and allows my soul to flow into silence.

The difference: A redeemed believer may look at a man on skid row and say, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” A mystic looking at the same person might say, “There, due to God’s grace, I am.” When we understand; there is no difference or separation, honor and prestige are fantasies, and God sees only our most inner being, then we stand on the cusp of wisdom.

I would that all the world could for one moment see through eyes of the Divine. God held a beauty contest today; you won.

The day stands naked before me and says, “Let’s make love.”

Thoughts drop their staid and pretentious daily garments to perform a romantic costume drama dance in my dreams.

Today every pair of eyes that meet mine holds questions. They ask me, “Where is your love?” and “May I see it?”

I was on a long hunt for the wild beast called love; one night as I dreamt passion crept in on padded paws and devoured me. Now, wherever I am I am in love and all that love is I am.

What we do speaks volumes about who we are; how we wait in stillness and silence may reveal even more. When the ripples pass beyond the pond we see our clearest reflection. A wordless prayer may say, “I am here and I am with you.” Is it God that speaks or is it us? Perhaps in that instance there is no difference.

If we accept reality only as it fits within accepted concepts and constructs, we will be forever imprisoned in a crowded cell of limitation. I am planning a jail break.

I think perhaps there is no beauty in the world; only mirrors for our souls.

My heart is such a cheater; it knows no bounds or rules. Last night after I fell asleep it snuck out. Peeking through the window, I caught it dancing among the stars.

Afterlife by its name implies a linear perspective, something before and another thing later. Once we are in the afterlife it will be the now life. Perhaps it is nothing more than removing our pajamas and dressing for a new day.

I can never tell the twins apart; this morning I woke confused, not knowing if what filled my room was light or love. Then came the kiss and I am content to spend the day with whichever this is.

Tears are a tap into the spring of love. We let them flow and flood to float our feelings back to the source of being. We are never more alive than in the moment we cry, and although the angels remain unseen, we never weep alone.

Love has no fine print, restrictions or limitations; it is priceless and always free. I have burned the old documents and rule books; the fire warms my soul.

If I can love only for the length of one breath, for as long as I can breathe I will know love.

I have been called many things in my life; that list has never included normal. Normalcy is often overrated and frequently boring.

Life as metaphor; nothing is ever constant except that we are present in it.

I am thinking that what we believe does not matter; it is why we need to believe that determines how we exist in this world. As an example, when we learn to be love, we no longer need to believe in its existence; if we become absorbed into the divine belief is only a distraction from our presence.

All I know of love could fit into a thimble, a divine tool for sewing the universe together.

When feeling lost, I look for the footprints of love and follow them.

I inquired regarding the one true name of God; I received in response the word “You”. I asked “Where can I find you?” God responded, “Look for love.” If my touch or glance lingers, please understand it is only because I found you.

Love is but a momentary thing; it is always present in this moment. So I need not be anywhere else or have anything more than where I am and what I have just now. All of my life is lived in one breath, this one.

I keep making life a meditation, this breath is the only one that matters. Today I am without hunger, I have clothing and shelter and a community that vibrates with love; I possess all that I need to exist in joy. What would more of anything add to those things? My lesson is to learn contentment; within that contentment I find the seat of peace. When I want for nothing, everything is at my disposal.

Love can no more be lost than a person can lose their shadow; it may at times be imperceptible, but as long as we stand in the light it will be nearby.

I have learned many things, but saying that I know anything is to tell a lie; my truth exists in silence. I wish there was a way to speak what I mean, yet my voice is too small; I cannot add to what has already been written. Perhaps you will read it in a smile, the gleam of an eye or by chance feel it in an embrace.

Faith is the power to move a mountain: wisdom is in understanding that it is already in its perfect place.

I stuck my tongue out at stormy weather and discovered the pure taste of rain; every moment holds a mystery to be uncovered.

The path of light always leads to love.

Living in CA means being aware that “The Big One” is possible at any given time; living in grace means knowing that I will be in the perfect place whenever whatever happens. Many people preach fear to get eyes turned towards them (especially in the news); perhaps just for me, but I choose to turn my attention towards love, even when its voice is small and soft. I can imagine a breaking news banner on a report that says “Love is all around you, get ready for it to happen.”

Love is not something we make, take, earn or achieve any more than we can create, own or deserve an ocean; we simply throw ourselves in, and by drowning become one with all it is.

Beauty surrounds me today. A slit at the edge of my window shade divides the sun’s rays into a slice of brightness; dust dances through the beam to be revealed as sparkles and daytime stars. So I pray to live that way, as stardust in light.

Sometimes I feel love passed me by, but then I realize it was drawing a circle to surround me.

I dabble in sanity and tinker with reality, but my goal is to be a sculptor of love; I want to see it within and find a means by which it will be revealed to the world as beauty.

Between now and the end of the next eye twinkle, love waits; an open heart knows no time or kind of boundary as each breath becomes eternity.

My needs are few and do not include caged parrots preaching the word or mocking birds singing songs of far off heavens; show me your love and I will know all the secrets of the universe.

I planted my garden in neat rows of simplicity, complacency and security; I found contentment and confidence in watching things sprout and grow. But, then a wind blew in seeds of love and those weeds have taken over and overgrown all that I had planned.

This love is very becoming. There is no need to believe me, simply listen to the whispers of seduction that say, “Come; be.”

I hunt for love within sadness in the fashion of a healer seeking medicine among weeds.

Hope is like a bunny hopping down the trail and then disappearing into a hole. I will not follow it into darkness, but instead plant rows of lettuce where it may come to feed. I will not pursue; but instead entice it to come to me.

Today I wear a necklace made from gleaming jewels of awes and ahs strung on a thread of love.

I planted my garden in neat rows of simplicity, complacency and security; I found contentment and confidence in watching things sprout and grow. But, then a wind blew in seeds of love and those weeds have taken over and overgrown all that I had planned.

This love is very becoming. There is no need to believe me, simply listen to the whispers of seduction that say, “Come; be.”

I hunt for love within sadness in the fashion of a healer seeking medicine among weeds.

Hope is like a bunny hopping down the trail and then disappearing into a hole. I will not follow it into darkness, but instead plant rows of lettuce where it may come to feed. I will not pursue; but instead entice it to come to me.

Today I wear a necklace made from gleaming jewels of awes and ahs strung on a thread of love.

Peace is my blossom with love as its root; my experience is the manure that helps it grow.

I can imagine that in each day there are more than a thousand ways to die, but for me only one way to live; in this breath, I love.

We may be standing on the cusp of wisdom when knowing not knowing and understanding nothing make sense; it seems love has the power to confuse reality’s configuration.

I am thinking that perhaps truth is not in what we read or recite, but rather in what we become. Words, music or even complete silence can take us there when we open our hearts; maybe we are the holy book the world needs.

I look ahead to see storm darkened days; glancing back I perceive stalking and taunting ghoulish specters of misdeeds, misjudgment and mistakes. Yet in this moment, within this breath, I am a refugee sheltered in a sanctuary of tactual, scented and sensual delight. I think that I may stay here today.

Today I feel no need to believe, achieve or accumulate; my soul finds solace in nothing more than being. om mani padme hum

Today I think perhaps we are all just flashes from the facets of one jewel.

When I say “I love you.” to a stranger, even sometimes to a friend, they may respond with disbelief, and upon occasion disgust; so I am trying to find a way of projecting it through the gleam of my eyes and to write it on my smile. If I see you today, do you mind if I practice?

A lover is someone within that we perceive as being embodied in someone else. Loving our self will manifest as loving others, and loving others is self love; separation is only a perception.

Sometimes when life sucks I pucker up and make it a kiss.

My heart is a wax rose candle, perfectly shaped and scented until touched by flame, then it melts and evaporates into an essence and aroma without boundaries.

Every day is the first day of a new year, every step the first step of a new journey and every breath the first breath of a new life.

When you realize that nothing you write or say is of any importance or significance, you are suddenly free to write or say anything you please.

As I focused on the mouth of God hoping to hear truths and secrets of the universe God leaned in and kissed me.

Plan Be: Come to become, leaving believing behind to be a loving being.

Don’t ever buy into the structured paranoia used by dubious and manipulative religious and cult leaders. They want you to feel weak and threatened so they can present themselves and their principles as your protector. No one can steal your soul or mind without you first granting them permission. You have and in fact are the power of the universe, a child of the earth and the stars. Never surrender your royalty to another’s control. A true spiritual leader will always highlight and enhance your personal power, not try to separate you from it.

Sometimes my mind slips out of the leash, runs about wildly and sticks its nose into peculiar but interesting places.

It is possible to hold two valid yet opposing truths without one canceling or overriding the other. We manage them by allowing each to have its place, and operating within its limitation. We know that the earth spins on an axis causing the sun and other celestial objects to appear and disappear from our visual range. Yet we can appreciate a sunset as the ball of fire sinks beneath the horizon based on the beauty, even when we also know it is not the sun which is moving. Just because our perception fits perfectly and works well for us, it does not mean other concepts must be proven wrong.

Occasionally I see the moon in the daytime sky; it looks out of place. Yet, it is where it is supposed to be. Sometimes life can be that way.

It seems I’ve misplaced my mind today; I try to understand the world — comprehend its complexity — but just now the only thing that makes any sense is love.

Maybe we are never alone in love. Perhaps our love is all love. Imagine that through it we are connected to all things and if all things were to fade away we might see the love that always was the true form beneath the facade.

Perhaps life is little more than a grand game of pinochle where love is always trump.

NOTICE TO FRIENDS: If you ever have a moment of doubt about why you are here, please let me know. I promise to listen and be completely honest when I tell you that you are beautiful, that you brighten my life in more ways than I can ever completely say and that when I look at you I see the face of God.

Perhaps when we can see beauty without assigning value, no need for engaging in philosophical or scientific debates, when we can be washed over like a stone at the bottom of a clear stream as it stares at the sky, it may be in that instant that we will see each other with the eyes of God.

The fire of love: In the sunlight it is the warmth on my face, in the night and shadowy places it is the glow within and in my bed it is flame for the hearth of dreams.

Can we truly ever lose a good friend? Do we leave them on the roof of the car and watch them tumbling in the mirror as we drive away? Perhaps the most important part of friendship is not what we have when they are with us, but rather the precious things we are left with when they aren’t close by. Maybe it is about not saying I wish I had more, but instead saying that I have enough to last a lifetime and adding a thank you… just maybe.

Today, just now, my life has no need, meaning, purpose, direction, goal or objective, with only one exception that in this breath I know love; perhaps that alone is enough to sustain my soul.

If I can but find a smile and convince another to share it, perhaps then my day is complete.

It seems to me that living in the moment will diminish the appeal and power of unseen heavens while it enhances the touch, taste, color and other sensations of the current situation.

Today, I don’t need a preacher of religion, conditions, constructions or condemnations, but if I can feel love, even for only a moment, I will know God.

Just today I am thinking that love may never be about who we love, how, where or even when; maybe it is what we are that matters. Let me be nothing but love and perhaps I will find love in everything.

You are joy rising over the horizon of my heart like the sun come to burn off a cold morning mist.

I am learning that focusing on positive thoughts and actions carries with it a dark side that implies everything else is negative. The energy I put into the positive is equally spread to the negative. For me, and perhaps only me, it is more beneficial to simply be, without judgments or overlays of value. From that vantage point all things are in their own way perfect and beautiful.

When love is all you have left, there is nothing left to want; the love in me greets the love in you and the world is complete.

Some rocks build castles, others are laid for roads, and any number may become walls or be used to break windows. Today I want to be a skipping stone beneath the flow, waiting to be shaped for the perfect moment when I will fly with joy and satisfaction. Yet if you should look at the place where I rest, I hope you will not see me in my imperfection and process of transformation, but rather marvel at the reflection of your own beauty.

Who, what, when and where are transient and mutable properties; perhaps if we can say “I am”, and be content with that state of being, we will have said enough.

If life gives you lemons make lemonade, but if they toss tomatoes and potatoes make stew. Others may control what comes into your life, but what you eat is up to you.

Perhaps, just maybe, when love reaches fullness there are no gifts, as giving implies possession and separation; might it be a state of being where all things are one?

A moonless and cloudless night fills with scalpel edged light that divides my heart between awe and longing; suddenly, I understand the power of love.

I briefly left open the cage door of normalcy; the frustrated fowl has fled, and likely will never return.

My heart is broken; the pounding of love has shattered it into stardust and scattered it on the wind.

My soul has no desire to be saved, but rather craves to be expended and exhausted in an endless exchange of love.

As if in a dream, a voice guided me to a book. The voice admonished that within those pages all the things of importance in my life had been listed. I cautiously lifted the cover and turned to page one; the word love is all that I saw, and it was repeated on page after page until I reached the end. I pray that one day that is how my story will be told.

Live life before you write; let it steep like a good cup of tea, then write a poem strong enough to stain your teeth.

Become the love you want to receive and you’ll be the beauty you want to see.

I used to hunt for happiness; now I drum, dance and sing expecting it to come by investigating what is causing the ruckus.

Don’t bother looking for God, instead seek love; where there is love, God is always found.

We hold our beliefs close; they are beneath the surface of decorative garments we display for to the world. For as long as we believe God has a favored person or gives preference to a group of people, for the duration of that time we will have prejudice, racism, discord, war, bigotry and injustice. Perhaps it is time to change our underwear.

It may be that when we know love everything else becomes nothing more than a pseudonym; each person, place and thing has a definition scribbled in disappearing ink.

Life had sunk, but I managed to take shelter on a small island. I lingered in loneliness until the ship of love appeared. It carried me through troubled waters and deposited me in a new land. I am still learning the language, but it appears everyone here is crazy; all they want to do is sing, dance and be enraptured in ecstasy.

To say that we become God is not a statement of arrogance or heresy; God is love, it simply means existing where there is no separation or distinction.

Sadly, we live in an era where mythology and superstition are regularly mixed with pseudoscience. To me, perhaps only me, I think the most important skill required to walk in the light is discernment. We need a bullshit detector finely tuned with the volume set to high. Perhaps our truth is not found in what we believe, but rather in what we question.

Perhaps God doesn’t care who we love, but only that we do love. To me it seems likely we are seen by the divine not as forms of reproductive biology, but rather as offspring, flickers from the source of being.

Kiss your scars and thank them for being reminders that you lived through it.

Like a bee who bumbles from bloom to bloom
Or a bird that hums because she doesn’t know the words
I am by nature drawn to the color and scent of love

What we believe has more to do with what we perceive than what we perceive has to do with what we believe.

They say you know you are in love when suddenly the lyrics of all the love songs make sense. Perhaps our lives are a love song, and when we touch that eternal love, it suddenly makes sense.