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This book is so sweet… and a sweet reminder that all of us are part of the circle of life… Deanna Joseph

Sometimes though, like today, her mother would have to do what they called overtime. Mom left a message on the answering machine that said she would be home by eight. Becky would have the whole house to herself; that was fun, for a while. But sometimes when she was alone she felt lonely and a bit afraid. Grammy had gone away, and not come back; Becky never told anyone, but being alone made her afraid that Mom and Dad might not come home.

Becky opened her eyes with surprise at what was there. She was in a circle surrounded by blackberry bushes. Even more surprising was the old woman that sat knitting in a rocking chair in the middle of the circle.

“Hello” the woman said without looking up from her work. She seemed not at all surprised that Becky was there.

It was different for Becky; she did not expect to see an old woman knitting, while sitting in a rocking chair, in the middle of a blackberry bush circle, “Hi” Becky replied after thinking for a few moments. That was the only word she could get out of her mouth.