Team Building is one of the most common and difficult tasks facing managers.

Yet, when a team does come together in a manner that functions well, it is a thing of beauty and immense power. That’s why it is the goal of every executive to be at the head of a championship team.

The rhythm of percussion can help get you there.

Percussion directly, effectively, and dramatically affects the unity of a Team -Tribe. Drumming gives immediate visual and audible feedback on how well you play as a team. If you are off, everyone knows it. You don’t have to wait for some evaluation to tell you how you are doing. Plus, the act of drumming reduces stress levels and provides a safe outlet to vent frustration.

Drumming is a metaphor for a business organization. The mission statement is the downbeat that everyone follows and comes back to if they get lost. Not everyone plays the same. Just as each department has its job, each drummer must be constantly aware of the functions of others and how playing their own part affects the group.

Drumming levels the playing field. Usually, participants come with relatively equal skill levels. Everyone learns the same things at the same time. Status is left at the door. Being an EVP does not mean you will play better than a middle manager.

Rhythm unites people at a primal level. Emotionally we are the same creatures that gathered around a fire with drum in hand and created the first community. Rhythm facilitates the same creative and connective function today.

Percussion opens people to diversity in the workplace as most of the rhythms come from traditional peoples like African, Caribbean, Native American, and Middle Eastern cultures.

Drumming creates passionate associates. When the game comes down to “You gotta win,” it is the passion of the players that means the most. Drums and rhythm are the original passion power providers.  And passion is what most managers long for.

Facilitated by Chrystine Julian: Chrystine has spent more than thirty years building teams in industries as diverse as sales, broadcasting, retail, and wholesale distribution. Her recordings have been used on national television.
She leads a local drum circle, teaches computer application skills and drumming. She has also performed at wedding, memorial, fundraising and religious events. Hands-on practical skills, humor, passion and excitement mark her presentations.