This is not a speech class. It combines elements of public speaking, with acting, sales, marketing, stand-up comedy, and stage performance.

This is a series of 5, 2-hour classes. The material builds each week and classes must be taken in sequence. Each class combines instruction, feedback, and a safe environment for developing talents and attitudes necessary for effective public performances.

The classes have a special emphasis on the use of emotional energy in communication. Students have used the skills in musical and stage productions in addition to public speaking.

To maximize individual attention, classes are limited to 6 participants.

TYP 08-2010 Bnnr


Chrystine Julian teaches Talking Your Power: Chrystine has been doing public speaking and performing for more than thirty years. She is acclaimed for presentations to executives of billion dollar corporations. She also performs as a stand-up comic, performance poet, percussionist and a workshop leader.