Shamanism is not primarily a Native American practice. The name Shaman comes from North East Asia. This program does not compromise or steal traditional spiritual systems. It is based on global experiences. Portions that are taught from traditional practice are done so with the permission of my teacher.

The shaman was the priest, prophet and doctor for tribes of hunter-gatherer societies worldwide. Often they were the medicine people or “Witch Doctors” of the tribe. Though not all healers were shamans. Most held high positions in tribal ceremonies but were rarely afforded the position of leader. Their path was one of service. They dedicated their lives to the service of the tribe’s greatest good.

Their power and position was in direct proportion to their spiritual connection. They befriended animals, plants and elemental spirits as teachers and guides. They studied their environment and understood it in great detail.

In many traditions the position was a calling. Children often exhibited extraordinary gifts or spiritual connection and were frequently ill. The illnesses pushed them into connections with other realms. If they survived childhood, the powers of healing they had learned through their illnesses would be the foundation of their practice. They would see visions or have other manifestations of a special touch. Some communities today are reluctant to have their children treated for epilepsy because it is believed to be a gift from God.

I have little interest in moving back to nature and living the hunter-gather lifestyle. I find automobiles and air-conditioning great gifts in my life. Still the connection with the spirit world and healing has proven to be a power in my life.

Shamanism is a path not a curriculum. There is no certification or graduation. It will not add initials to your name. Shamanism can not be learned from books or classes but by living. This series of classes is intended to set your feet on the path and point the way. It will familiarize you with some of the tools and methods needed for the walk. It can also help you along the trek.

You will have an opportunity to reclaim lost power and control in your life. You will experience the shaman’s journey. You’ll be guided in connections to the many spiritual and unseen worlds around us.