I don’t mind people speaking their religious preferences on political issues like gay marriage; in this country they are free to practice their faith as they see fit. I have serious problems when they try to make those beliefs the basis for our civil structure and/or government. As an example the current Chick-Fil-A issue is based at its core on a statement that “…we are inviting God’s Judgment.”

We cannot allow one religious group to trump the beliefs of others. This country has many non-believers and members of various faiths that embrace alternative lifestyles. When we support Gay Rights we are speaking for religious freedom. Fundamentalists are welcome to practice as they see fit, but we cannot allow them to define the experience for everyone else.

I support traditional marriage; I just don’t think it is the only marriage. Same sex marriage in no way threatens anything about traditional (biblical) marriage except the notion of traditional meaning only.

What changes about traditional marriage if same sex marriage is allowed? It does threaten an underlying concept that is rarely discussed, which is that the Church has the ultimate say in deciding with who you can have sex. If you accept a church’s authority, no laws are required to enforce it. If you don’t accept that authority, a church has no right impose it on you.

Gay rights equal religious freedom.