I am really tired of the BS that gets passed around about the threats associated with gay marriage. The arguments against it are all based on a foundation of outdated religious beliefs; there are no compelling social, economic or ethical mandates against it except those based in dogma. Gay marriage is not bestiality, it is not polygamy, is not prostitution and it does not threaten “Traditional” marriage. The unspoken fact is that traditional marriage is a ceremony that gave religion’s, and by proxy God’s, permission for two people to have sex. We have dismissed that as a civil social standard long ago. We don’t in most cases condone sex as commerce and never sanction forced sexual assaults, but if two consenting adults want to have sex we let them. When was the last time you heard of a person being jailed for adultery? Hell, in some cases it seems to be a prerequisite to run for public office. This is no longer an issue of giving permission to have sexual interactions.

This is an issue of civil rights and social responsibility. God will not punish innocent people with tragedy, war and disaster because two people in love with each other make a public and legal commitment; if you think he will, you need to find a better God. We are not living in the Dark Ages; if you believe in that sort of crap, gay marriage is the least of your worries. It does not matter if you think homosexuality is a sin, many faiths and atheists accept it; just because your religion does not condone it that doesn’t mean you get to trump the beliefs of others that don’t have a problem with it.

Oh, and anyone that has cheated on their spouse and/or been divorced has no credibility in speaking about preserving the “Sanctity” of marriage.

Even if you will never consider doing it yourself, or if the thought revolts and offends you, in a “free country” there is no basis for denying another person or persons the right to make that choice and have it recognized as a legal status.