When contemplating the acquisition of a new drum I consider many factors; I see it as forming a friendship, not making a purchase. It has been said that the drum is the shaman’s horse for riding into other worlds. In some cultures, upon the death of the shaman, the drum head is sliced open to release the shaman’s soul. In all cultures the relationship between the shaman and drum is deep ant mystical.

In most cases the new drum process starts by the drum catching my eye, turning my head and holding my attention. I have never bought a drum without first playing it. Each drum has a unique voice and character. I try to determine the drum’s materials and origin. I pick it up; the right drum will feel at home in my hand. I play it with my fingers and a mallet, moving about to discover the range of sounds. The right drum will resonate with my soul. I look at natural markings or images that might give hints about its spiritual connections. I also try to imagine how it will fit with the other instruments in my collection. Like a good friend, the entire process of connection is nearly instantaneous.

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