I use my unique perspective on life for a creative approach to designing effective message carriers. In addition to doing most of my own design work, friends and associates occasional ask for assistance.

Logos became a specialty for me in the era before scanners were readily available. During my sales career I would often need a customer’s logo for a presentation; that required me to meticulously copy each line and curve in my drawing program. From that I learned to look at logos from a different perspective, focusing on what was effective and what was lost to the casual viewer. I also watched the changes in trends and fashion.

For me, commercial design is about transporting an idea and/or emotion from the sender to a receiver; every design is an advertisement. It is important to stand out and be memorable; yet if the design makes more of an impression than the message then the point has been lost and the costs and efforts wasted. Colors and shapes can convey feeling and evoke memories, but may not impart your designed message. I like to play take-away; craft a message and then see how much can be removed and yet make the piece effective.

If you’d like input on creative projects, let me know.