NPR invetsigation into private prisons

Simple logic: If we have for profit prisons; we will lock people up for profit.

This is what we get from the fake grassroots movements that are just fronts for big business. Before you vote for these people, make sure you know who is funding them. Oh, I forgot, thanks to the Supreme Court they no longer have to tell you that.

This is where we are headed as a country; big business using conservative groups and local governments. Anyone remember Virginia Slims turning smoking into a women’s rights issue? Don’t drink the purple pre-sweetened-fruit-flavored beverage.

Most people prefer the fast-food version of politics: cheap, quick, requiting no effort except to throw away the wrapper. Like good nutrition, running a government requires finding good ingredients and time for preparation.

There are some people and groups of people that feel a foundation of the government is little or no government. My guess is that all of us feel the truth of that concept in various degrees. Many people are now pushing to privatize prisons, schools, Social Security, the VA and many other departments and services. They believe that private business is always more efficient and effective. In many cases that is true.

However that can and should not be the motivation in considering these types of programs. Business, every for-profit business, lives by one motivation that supersedes all others; make money. While there are those touting that this factor alone drives efficiency and effectiveness, they are only partially correct.

Profitable businesses can be reduced to their lowest denominator in the statement: spend less money than you take in. That is the bottom line of the bottom line. So running a business is the process of reducing costs and increasing income. Satisfaction levels with virtually all industries is at an all time low as business provide only the minimum amount of service required to prevent customers from leaving. I am thinking of airlines, banks, phone companies and many more. But don’t take my word for it; just count up the number of complaints you have had in the last month about service, quality or fees. Who decides whether these programs are run like successful companies or like the thousands that fail each year leaving employees and customers out in the cold?

Do you want your schools, Social Security, protective services, and/or prisons run like an airline, bank or cable company? If so, vote for a Tea party candidate on Nov 2