Moonbeams are the conduit of dreams.

 I stand before an ancient structure.

 Walk with me through the open gate.

 My hidden self wanders along corridors of a star lit temple.

 The space and the scents are familiar to my inner knowing.

 My mind understands little of the moon and her ways, but my heart is her consort and soul-mate.

 I emerge into a large room and Luna openly greets me; it is the womb of creative energy.

 At the table I set a flame to my offering of passion and watch the smoke curl and dissipate in the air.

 The fire’s fingers reveal that this temple is the home of hidden things, secrets revealed and treasures unfamiliar to those fearful of dark places.

 As I stand with eyes closed wisdom flows to me from the Goddess’ shimmering form.

 I honor myself and my nature in the liturgy of Luna.

 From the altar within Luna teaches me that I need light and darkness to be complete.

 From this place she oversees my emotions in the same manner she moves the tides

 Luna is the guardian and caretaker of my secrets, femininity and cycles.

 She is the sovereign of my breath and heart, the filling and releasing that separates life from death.

 In her fullness she is the brightest and largest light in my night; in her darkness she is the embodiment of my hope of renewed life.

 During the new moon the first drummers and dancers held ritual to call her back; tonight their rhythm sways my body in her honor.

 She is my archetype for life, death and rebirth.

 I embrace my fears as I welcome the night. Fears are my friends and the maidens that lead me to the chambers of power.

 I ride with them like the dragons drawing Luna’s chariot across the sky.

 Then I lay bare my soul; nothing hidden and nothing reserved.

 I lift my being as an empty golden chalice and pray that it be filled.

 Then I pour out light into the darkness around me and awaken into the dream called life.