As said by an unnamed Senator in the year 2015: Perhaps it is time that we consider banning books in all of their forms, and also shut down dispensaries like library and book stores that have popped up in nearly every town. We can no longer refute the evidence pointing to books as a gateway to thinking. That type of thinking, without exception, leads to the formation of dangerous opinions within the brains of readers. Those options may interfere with controlled order, and cause readers to act out in irreverent and socially unacceptable ways.

Our society is being undermined by companies and individuals set on destroying the foundations of our country. They indoctrinate children with stories decorated by colorful and artful illustrations in a hope to hook them on reading for a lifetime. People on the street, in private meetings and through social media are encouraging people to read. This threat to our control and security of society must be stopped immediately, and it must be done with shock and awe. My fellow Americans, I encourage you today to declare a war on books.

Naturally, certain materials which are dispensed through approved organization and with proper supervision and control will be allowed.