A Baptist pastor recently suggested that “lesbians and queers” be put inside electric fences until they die off. Concentration camps? What is next, a gas chamber?

This type of attitude, while often unspoken, is pervasive. It is why we must fight to establish and preserve the rights of LGBT individuals; too many people feel gays have no right to exist, let alone live free and fulfilling lives. To make it worse, they pronounce that God has given them the right to oppress and abuse people that practice homosexuality.

It does not matter whether or not the majority agrees with or supports a gay lifestyle; homosexuals are people that deserve the same human rights as anyone else. Many people will always and forever do things others dislike or find distasteful, that does not mean free people don’t have the right to do them.

You don’t have to be gay to support gay rights; you need only be respectful of all people, accept their personal choices as their private business, and appreciate their contributions to our society. This will be a major issue throughout the election season. If an LGBT person has ever touched your life in a positive way, please be willing to take a stand to support them.

The oppressors can win only if supporters remain silent.