Love can no more be lost than a person can lose their shadow; it may at times be imperceptible, but as long as we stand in the light it will be nearby.

Love is who and what we are; it cannot be given or taken away, only shared. When a lover leaves they take nothing from us. To love another person is enrolling in higher education; we learn when they come, we learn when they stay and lessons continue after they leave.

All that we consider as being brought by love is nothing more than revealing the true nature of ourselves and the universe; those things cannot be stolen or destroyed.

If you would know God: fall deeply, madly and passionately in love; in that instant that is an eternity you will understand more than you could learn from a lifetime of religious study or meditation.

Dedication from my book Sensual Spirit: “This book is dedicated to the many people that have broken my heart. Without their help I would have never discovered the mysteries inside that hardened shell.”

From Sensual Spirit

My Lesson

My lesson for today:
(and every day)
Love is eternal,
ever present,
not limited by body
or form;
the universe is one love.
As we live and
are present in it,
we are in love,
are loved,
are made
and supported by love.
No person changes,
adds or detracts from that love.
They simply open our eyes
to see it
and open our hearts
to feel it.
If we live with an open heart,
we live in love.
Each day is a love embrace,
a love emergence
and love immersion.

Today I will live in love.