This drum was purchased for use in my first shamanic training classes. It is decorated in personal symbols, but also has a vague female figure that appeared in the center. I consider her to be one of the Grandmothers and a guide; during healing circles you may hear her singing. On numerous occasions she has called the thunder beings: during circle the clouds would come over as the drum was played and dissipate when the drum became quiet.

A few years ago I did a drum circle for a retreat in Tempe, AZ. I remember seeing the drum and it being played during the circle, but when it came time to pack up, the drum was gone. We looked all over and concluded that someone had taken it with them either by accident or on purpose. I was distraught and had to push through a grieving process in front of the retreat organizers and a few lingering attendees. I was angry. I cried and came to some level of release.

The retreat organizer rode back to Southern California with me and helped with off loading the drums into my apartment. Imagine my surprise and relief when we opened the door and saw the drum hanging on the wall. It is possible to rationalize the experience away by saying that the drum was never taken to Arizona, but that was not what I felt.

With little effort we can always imagine scenarios that negate the miraculous. Yet it comes down to what we choose to believe. There is no more evidence that the drum was not taken than there is that it was. Reality is an approximation of the material world as it is conceived within our minds; perception is reality. Life is like the picture of two faces that can also be seen as a vase; we can choose what we want to see.

I feel no need to defend my belief that something extraordinary happened. I am not compelled to have anyone agree with my observations and conclusions. I am as much wowed by the process the experience put me through as I am with the prospects of dematerialization and/or teleportation; for me that is enough.

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