140+ counter protesters came out, WBC was a no-show

Church to protest in Yucaipa

This might be a good time to thank Rev. Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. First off, they regularly demonstrate what free speech means and how it is exercised; “Bravo!” for the civics lesson. Secondly, while this group is more vocal than most, their opinions are shared by a significant portion of our population. Sadly, the Westboro group has not learned that you won’t win an argument by shouting down an opponent. I don’t see them as creating more hate, but rather providing a forum for more people to express what already exists. Their protests and slogans add contrast and shadow to the landscape we call America.

Most of us live in a self-designed shelter; for many that means believing the world is tolerant and accepting. This group regularly changes our vision from animation to reality programming. The law cannot give us gay rights, tolerance or acceptance; it can only prosecute when those things are taken away.

The best that we can do is show that the dogma of hate is not the only option. Given clear choices, most people will choose the path of peace and love.

If you live in SOCAL, please consider joining the counter protest on Saturday Nov. 6th at Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, CA

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