UPDATE: 11/4/10- please pass on

Dear People of Peace,

Unbelievable that the Westboro Baptist Church has posted that they will protest the College’s production of the Laramie Project, the story of Matthew Shepherd.  I cannot sit idly at home, knowing they will be there with their vile GOD HATES FAGS signs.  These are the people (term used lightly) that picket soldiers funerals, synagogues and LBGT meetings.  If you have a strong stomach go to their website www.godhatesfags.com

I am planning a non-violent, non-confrontational, counter protest to show the community that we stand in solidarity with the students, the LGBT community and the ARTS.  WBC is NOT the target audience, so no reason to call them out.  They are ignorant and dangerous ( warnings from both Jodie Evans codepink cofounder, and a moveon coordinator).  I hope you will join me at 7:00pm in the quad at Crafton Hill Jr. College in Yucaipa with a smile, a calm spirit, and an appropriate sign.  Look up counter protests to WBC for ideas.  I am hoping to stay away from negative “Hates” messaging.  We are people of peace.  Although “God Hates Figs is funny”!  So is “WBC is Why Dorothy Left Kansas”.

If WBC does not show up, we can all go have pizza or watch the play.

Thank you for being part of the PEACE community. in solidarity, Corla

email: friend4earth@hotmail.com