A dear friend concluded a very pointed email with, “I’m not interested in arguing my point with anyone…If you disagree, just delete this email”

Isn’t that the same as saying agree with me or shut up? I have seen that a lot in the current political debate. The problem is that if an idea goes to only people that already agree then nothing changes. We cannot take shots at people or ideas and not be willing to stand up when they shoot back; throwing a snowball means starting a snowball fight.  I reply to idiotic right-wing posts on websites, even though it does not make me popular. I expect the same from people that have a different point of view. Too many people listen only to the voices they want to hear. What we really need is fair, loving but lively debate and dialogue.

And if you are considering joining the fray: remember, that it may be immoral to wage an intellectual war against an unarmed hoard, but it is a fight we must win.